Sunsun Sterilization Yellow Salt 500gm


  • A lack of electrolytes in aquarium freshwater may cause serious health problems for freshwater fish.AQUARIUM SALT supplies electrolytes to improve fish respiration.
  • Use for aquarium water disinfection,adjuvant drug treatment,purification of water,the balance of osmotic pressure and stimulate the appetite.
  • Made of high-quality, containing some trace elements and minerals,no iodine.
  • Fits for Koi, goldfish, parrots, tropical, Cichlids, Turtle and other all kind of pond fish
  • With these salt, you can spend more time admiring your fish, and less time scrubbing your tank. Make sure to use all products as directed in order to ensure the best results.

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it’s easy to keep a beautiful saltwater, freshwater or reef aquarium. Aquarium Treatment Supplies are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide best results to control algae, promote healthy bacterial growth and help control and cure fish diseases and conditions such as ich and fin rot.
Aquarium Salt is designed to replicate the natural environment of Koi, Goldfish, Cichlids,turtle,Dragon fish.
It contains all physiologically essential elements such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and includes trace components such as iron, aluminum, and iodide.
Replicates the environment of aquarium
Contains proper amounts of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium
Affects hardness only, not alkalinity or pH
Daily water change:We recommend 4 grains salt(about 15g) for 10 L (2.64 US gallons)
if you use for aquarium treatment,please double.
TIPS: Use when setting up an aquarium and when making water changes. To add salt to an established tank, base dose on water being changed.
Do not use salt when simply replacing evaporated water. It is best to dissolve the salt in freshwater before use. Package included: 1x 500g Aquarium salt


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